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Nurnberg American High School
Thanks for the Memories ...


Nurnberg American High School

Main Building

Going to high school in Nurnberg, Germany was an experience in itself. The school opened in 1947 and, sadly, closed it's doors in 1995.

A Little About NAHS

The school was actually located in Furth. The closest military barracks was W.O. Darby kassern. That's where all of our recreational facilities were located, like the swimming pool, bowling alley and AYA (teen club).

The Life of an 'Army Brat'
Army 'Brats' had a tendancy to grow up fast. Sometimes too fast. You would make and lose your friends almost overnight, mainly due to the fact that you were constantly moving around. In my particular case, my whole existance was following 'Sarge' to his next duty station. This was not always a handicap though. Most military dependants of that era were less critical and more accepting of those different from them.

Home of the Eagles. There was a lot of school spirit at NAHS, as well as good natured competitiveness with the other dependant schools in Germany. Our sports teams were among the best, with some of the most gifted athletes in Europe. GO EAGLES!!!

I graduated with the class of '65 ... (that's NINETEEN 65, mind you). That was a unique class in itself. We were visitors in a foreign country in the middle of the cold war and Viet Nam was just starting to rear it's ugly head. I personally encountered both pro and anti American sentiments from the older German citizens. Keep in mind, WWII was only 20 years earlier and emotions still ran high.

Among the things I will always remember are the German Gardens, beer fests and gasthauses (bars). Some of the best times of my life were in a room full of German citizens who spoke no English and my friends and I speaking no German. Somehow, we always managed to communicate. Too bad the rest of the world can't do that now. The man that ran the Gardens, Harry, found out I was returning to the states and threw me a big party. What a BLAST!

I have been registered with Military Brats for quite some time, but just recently started frequenting their web site. I find it to be both entertaining and informative, and not only for dependants of the military. I have now added a direct link to the site. Plan on spending some time there. Be sure and check out the Brat Stories and register with 'Sound Off', their message board and forum, if you so desire. It won't be wasted time. That much I can guarantee!

Military Brats Registry

If you go to the yearbook site. I'm on the top row, 4th from left ... the good looking one.

My 1965 HS Yearbook

Official crest of the city of Nurnberg CLICK ON the crest to learn a little about the history of Nurnberg and the Nurnberg Castle.

Nurnberg American High School Eagles
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